[Richmond Hill] Saigon Star – Crab & Oysters


Saigon Star has the best seafood in town! It’s been a long week for hubby and so I thought – why not have a good meal to end off a work week right? His favorites are seafood and this is the best place to bring him to since he never been here. Instead of choosing curry crab we decided on garlic butter crab. It was yummilicious and the crab had a lot of meat in it. It was a huge crab for two to eat! But we had to finish it because we didn’t want to take it home.


We also order Pineapple Fried Rice & Baked oysters in Butter Garlic sauce.


Baked/Broiled Oyster was a to die for – if we didn’t order the large crab – I probably ordered half a dozen of oysters. It was so yummy! Can’t wait to be back next time!

[North York] Viet House


Two of my girlfriends and I had lunch at Viet House -  since we were doing some shopping at Yorkdale Mall – Viet House was just two minutes drive from Yorkdale Mall. This is my second time here and to me – nothing too special. Just like any other Vietnamese place I’ve been to – the price is average too. I’ve heard they have another location too. What I love about this restaurant is their interior and dishware. I am weird ain’t I? lol.

[Markham] Pho Pad Thai – Woodbine Ave & 16th Ave Location

This was my first visit at Pho Pad Thai – I love restaurants like this where there’s different cuisines. This restaurant is a pretty big restaurant and lots of tables. We visited this restaurant on a Saturday night and it was nearly packed. A large selection of dishes to pick from also.

I ordered a small Specialty Pho – gotta say their soup base was pretty tasty and on the good side. I’m super picky when it comes down to Pho – the soup base must be good otherwise it ruins the bowl of Pho. Not a disappointment at all!

We ordered a dish of Skewers to share between five people. By the time I finished my bowl of Pho – I was over-full already and didn’t get to try these. It smelt really yummy though – this is a must re-order next time! A better review next time on this dish! Service was decent and so is the presentation of food!

Highly recommend this restaurant!


Pho Pad Thai

Address: 20 Apple Creek Boulevard – Unit 2 – Markham, ON L3R 5Z1
Phone Number: (905) 305-6755
Rating: 4.5 star / 5 star

[Dishcrawl Scarborough] Pho Metro – Restaurant Review

This was my first time at Pho Metro. I’ve had Vietnamese food many times and know what to expect to have at this restaurant. Pho is the main dish in a Vietnamese restaurant. What is Pho? Inside a bowl of Pho – there is rice noodles, a couple of varieties of meat, and soup. To me – the soup base is VERY important to a bowl of delicious Pho. If the soup base isn’t good – it ruins the entire bowl of Pho.

As a Dishcrawler – the owner of the restaurant explained a little about the history of their restaurant and what we were going to have that night. It was a very warm greeting – made us felt very welcoming.

We had soft and fried spring rolls. I personally LOVE the fried one – it’s just more delicious. I was never a fan of the soft spring rolls. Both spring rolls had their own sauce. The fried spring roll was very fresh and you can taste that it was freshly fried. Love it!

Here’s our freshly made pho. Every time I have Pho – the soup base is what I look forward to. I’ve had authentic Pho before from my best friend’s mother and ever since – I had really high expectation of each bowl of Pho I’ll be having. This soup was not bad but of course not excellent. Better than a lot of Vietnamese restaurants. Soup base was pretty tasty but not extremely tasty. The meat was fresh and the noodle was just cooked right. Don’t have much complain – wish they made the soup for a longer period of time – so it’ll taste even better. Would totally recommend it!

Dishcrawl Scarborough – Review & First Experience

How should I start this post off as? Let me start it off with one word – “AMAZING”! It was my very first time experiencing a Dishcrawl Event. Before coming to this event – I had no idea how it would go. Of course – I was very curious of what restaurants we’ll be going to that night but again – I had a lot of questions in my mind. Would there be enough food to fill up my tummy? Would the food be awesome? How many people would be attending this event?

Dishcrawl Ambassador, Jennifer! You gotta meet her – she has a very charming personality!

My first Dishcrawl event was FABULOUS. My husband and I had a blast that night – especially at the end of the night – the dessert was what did it! Till this date – I’m still thinking about that funnel cake we had that night! Jennifer did an awesome job selecting the four restaurants! I will definitely be going to more Dishcrawl events in the future – you really can’t miss it! That means – I’ll need to lose off the extra pounds in order to join these Dishcrawl events. There was more than enough food for my stomach – the choices of restaurants were amazing! I love how the owner introduced themselves and gave a little history about their restaurants – I’ve learned quite a lot that night!

Let me talk a little more about the Scarborough Dishcrawl event that happened on March 27th 2013 (Wednesday). We met up at Pho Metro (a Vietnamese restaurant) – I didn’t know that was our first destination at all but when we got there – we figured it was. We got our names checked off and by 7:15pm – Jennifer gave us an introduction of the event. Then all we did was eat for the rest of the night! We stayed in each restaurant about 40 minutes.

Our number 1 stop was at Pho Metro.

For a better review of Metro Pho – check back on !

Our 2nd stop: Mak Kal Chon Korean Restaurant

For a better review of Metro Pho – check back on !

Our 3rd stop: The Loaded Dog Sports Bar & Pub

For a better review of Metro Pho – check back on !

Our 4th stop: Big Moe’s Burgers & Fries & Funnel Cakes

For a better review of Metro Pho – check back on !

Overall, I love the variety of restaurants Jennifer chose. It was a memorable experience for all of us who attended. I will definitely be joining future Dishcrawl events! Don’t forget to check out Dishcrawl website to find out where the next Dishcrawl is!

Lemongrass Pho & Pad Thai Review

Lemongrass is one of my favorite go to’s. They have a big menu and a lot to choose from. It’s sort of like the ‘fusion’ menu. They have Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian and the list goes on. All in one restaurant! What’s not to be like about it right? Most importantly – the food tastes pretty good too. We usually go to this restaurant for lunch. Vietnamese Pho is what my hubby goes for when we have lunch here.

I ordered the Pad Thai special that is $6.99+tax. Not too bad – the portion is good and it comes with 2 mini spring rolls and 2 curry beef skewers. A bit heavy for lunch but I usually pack half my lunch home anyways. I’m a small portion eater.

Coconut Chicken Pho at Lemongrass

After a day of shopping for riding pants – hubby took me to Lemongrass for dinner and I had my favorite Coconut Chicken Pho. I haven’t had this dish for a long long time and it was great having it again. I think its a bit oily but once in awhile is alright. I’ll probably have this next month for a treat for myself. Can’t have it all the time because of all the calories. I’ve been watching my calories and I see my weight going down! Makes me happy – can’t wait to go back to my normal weight!