Planning a girlfriends’ bachelorette party

I’m the queen of planning – that’s what I call myself. I never really got interested in planning parties and events till after the wedding. I love to organize and have everything match for a party. Even envelope printing is important. Invitation cards is a must in every event that I plan. It just gives a finishing touches to it. Are you an event planner?

January Babies

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Lots of birthdays this month and boy was I busy celebrating birthdays with friends. This was the last birthday celebration this month and thank goodness – only 1 celebration next month. I ended up getting my close friend the neumann microphones at musicians friend. Birthday presents can be expensive but we just all need to follow a budget right? Happy Birthday Joseph, may this year bring you a lot of success, love, and good health. Xoxo

Toronto’s Freezing weather

I am so not a fan of this years weather here in Toronto. Way colder than many other years! But even though it’s cold and everything – that doesn’t mean we can take a break with life and jet off to somewhere warm. There’s still a kid to feed, errands to run, and work to go too right? Just today we quickly did a couple of errands – checked out these cmm plates, groceries, dollar store, and to the mall to get Munchkin a hair cut. I hope the weather turns back around soon!

Christmas Shopping Fun

Is Christmas shopping that fun? One thing I know is – planning ahead on what to get is fun. I’ve done most of my shopping online this year and boy do I feel good. No need to go to crowded malls or line up in long line ups! Bonus for that! Just today – I got myself a m audio midi controller at guitar center and it’ll ship to my house directly. How convenient is it? I just love love love the convenience plus some websites have free shipping too!

Taking my Vitamins

It is time to check out some reviews on vitamins for myself – I was never taught to take vitamins nor did the doctor recommended any vitamins for me. But I’ve been hearing a couple of my friends talking about the vitamins they take and etc. I did some research on the net and click here for vitamin b17 – I think this is a great vitamin for me – but I gotta double check it with my doctor first before purchasing it.

New Car Seat for the Munchkin

Man – having a kid is expensive! We are getting a heated car seat for the Munchkin this winter since this winter will be super cold. Can you guess how much a car seat can range from? $100 to $500 ! It is crazy expensive. Good part is – when we have our next kid – we don’t need to get anything! Because everything is bought already and in good condition too! Why are kids so expensive these days?

Interesting Conversation

Went out for lunch with a good friend of mine yesterday and we came across an interesting topic ‘detox for opiate addiction‘ – she’s more into these kind of things. Talking to her every time makes me learn new things. She’s in the medical field – while I’m just a stay at home mother / wife. It’s cool to catch up with different people once in awhile. I get to learn about what they do with their lives.