[Scarborough] Gourmet Malaysia HALAL Family Restaurant — Food & Restaurant Review

This is my first time at Gourmet Malaysia HALAL family Restaurant. They have a wide variety of dishes. From Malaysian food to Singaporean food to Thai food to many different Asian food. Pretty neat with so many different kinds of cuisines in one restaurant right?

This is the large menu variety in this restaurant. I had trouble of picking what I really wanted to eat. Kept going back and forth on it. Most of the food is Malaysian food – which I never really had Malaysian food before and didn’t really want to try something that I wouldn’t like. It was quite tough.

My girlfriend ordered a Chicken Corn Soup  – when it came – the appearance was like that. Wish it was much more neat than having it all poured over the place.

I believe this is the Sweet and Sour soup – look at the presentation! Very poor presentation.

This is the appetizer my friend ordered – no idea what’s it called.

Another appetizer my friend ordered – called the Roti? Not quite sure – I didn’t try it.

This is like a meal for one of my girlfriends. Looks nice right?

This is my meal – I thought ordering Pad Thai wouldn’t go wrong since I always have Pad Thai at other restaurants. But apparently they make it differently.

Noodles with veggies.

Chicken with Rice.

Overall – to me the restaurant was “so so” – service was “so so” as well. Wish the presentation of food wasn’t poorly presented. I would give it another try to see how the other dishes is like because being there once really don’t do any justice till you try it out one more time.

Lemongrass Pho & Pad Thai Review

Lemongrass is one of my favorite go to’s. They have a big menu and a lot to choose from. It’s sort of like the ‘fusion’ menu. They have Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian and the list goes on. All in one restaurant! What’s not to be like about it right? Most importantly – the food tastes pretty good too. We usually go to this restaurant for lunch. Vietnamese Pho is what my hubby goes for when we have lunch here.

I ordered the Pad Thai special that is $6.99+tax. Not too bad – the portion is good and it comes with 2 mini spring rolls and 2 curry beef skewers. A bit heavy for lunch but I usually pack half my lunch home anyways. I’m a small portion eater.

Yorkdale Mall Food Court ;; Thai Express & KFC

It was awhile that we stepped our foot back into this shopping mall. This is a very dangerous shopping mall in Toronto! Well – more like dangerous for the wallet and bank account! I try to stay away from this mall as long as possible because with all the brand names they have – I can easily go bankrupt.

They renovated almost the entire mall including the food court. The food court is super fancy and look at what they use for their plates, bowls, utensils, and cups! A bit too fancy? I’ve never been to a food court this fancy here in Toronto! I’m not too sure about the ‘glass’ cups because when I was there that day – I heard two accidents of glass cups that dropped on the ground. What a waste right? What’s your thoughts on this?

Lemongrass lunch special $6.99

Yum yum yum! Looking at this picture makes me hungry already. The pad Thai here is delicious! But of course very fatty! Once in a while is alright – can’t have it all the time. This $6.99 meal came with a drink as well. Your choice of milk tea/coffee or mango drink. For $6.99 for a meal like this is not bad right? Usually I can’t finish it – I can only finish 2/3 of this.

Lemongrass Scarborough

One of my favorite Chinese place to dine is Lemongrass – food is very tasty here and a lot of variety to choose from. My personal favor is the Pad Thai but I do try other food from time to time. I totally recommend you to try this place out – they have an entire menu for lunch special. All their lunch comes with a drink too – that’s a bonus! Have you tried Lemongrass before? What’s your thought on it?

Lemongrass Information
Phone # :: 416 321 3326
Address :: 633 Silver Star Blvd Scarborough
Website ::
Restaurant Rating :: 8.5/10
Service Rating :: 8/10

Lemongrass Lunch Special


What attracts me the most is their lunch and afternoon tea special. The food is really not bad here and I enjoy it a lot. I usually visit this restaurant during the weekend when we have lunch with our relatives. Lunch special cost between $4.00 to $8.00 and it all comes with a drink too. There’s a lot to choose from – from noodle soup to stir fry.


I ordered my favorite Pad Thai – this is one of the best Pad Thai I’ve ever eaten. I just love how it’s really sour. It comes with both Shrimp and Chicken. I’m not a fan of the shrimp – so all the shrimp goes to my husband while I have the chicken. This is really not bad – plus I could only finish half of this. I doggie bag the other half home for another meal. It’s a large portion and from what I remembered – this lunch meal cost me $6.99 or $7.99.

Lemongrass Information

Phone # :: 416 321 3326
Address :: 633 Silver Star Blvd Scarborough
Website ::
Restaurant Rating :: 8.5/10
Service Rating :: 8/10

Dinner @ California Thai on Tuesdays

We had our usual Tuesday dinner at California Thai again – this time was my treat to the fiance because I got some payday loans which I applied a few weeks ago – so of course it was my treat eh? California Thai is a very inexpensive restaurant – in my opinion – it’s way better than eating at the food court. Why? Because food court can be pretty darn expensive. Last time I ordered at Thai Expess – the Pad Thai costed me like $9.27 with a drink and springroll – At California Thai – my Pad Thai meal is $7.99+tax and it comes with a drink. Not only that – I can sit peacefully in the restaurant. Isn’t that great??


I had a huge problem holding these cups – it always feel like it will slip out of my hands. Why? Because I have such small hands. It felt kind of danger holding these – I might slip it off my hands and than it’ll make a huge noise in the restaurant. That would be such a embarrassment eh?


DSC07477 DSC07478 DSC07479

This time around – I ordered a Vietnamese meal. Pork Chop on rice and it came with appetizers which is crab meat on sugar cane and spring rolls. It was a delicious meal and I can’t eat this meal without fish sauce. It’s a must – I love it.


He order his usual – Tum Yum with noodles. But this time around – he asked for less spicy because last time was just too spicy for him. This time was just right. We had another delicious dinner at California Thai and it looks like this will be our usual hot spot for a good while. What’s your usual hot spot?? Share with me :) I’m nosy to know!!

Location: 5000 Highway7 East Unit # 68B
Markham, Ontario, L3R-4M9
Telephone: 905-305-8223