[Thornhill] Baton Rouge $35.00 – 3 Course dinner


Baton Rouge is one of my favorite restaurants comparing to all other restaurants. Why? It’s just because I love their overload baked potato! Something that I can’t find in another restaurant and something that I crave most of the time. It’s fattening but its so damn good!


The Prix Fix menu they had that night were awesome – a three course menu for $35.00+tax+tips. Where to find prices like that right?



One thing that disappoints me is there dessert! Every time they have a prix fix menu – all they serve is chocolate mousse. Can they at least give us some choices instead of just chocolate mousses? I was not thrilled with it. Other than the dessert – my meal was quite satisfying!

[Scarborough] Diana’s Oyster & Grill Bar – highly recommended!


An oyster or seafood fan? This place is for you! This will be our second time back here – first time was our two year anniversary and this time was for a friends’ birthday.


We ordered quite a lot of food for 4 people and 2 kids. It was basically a two family kind of date. The steak is to die for – I tried it the first time I’ve been here and I had to re-order this. So juicy and so tender. best part is the taste! MUST MUST MUST order it again next time!


The restaurant staff gave us a slice of cake as complimentary dessert too. How nice right?

[Scarborough] Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill


Hubby’s not good at surprises so this time – I surprised him for our second year wedding anniversary. I know he loves seafood and oysters – so Diana’s Oyster Bar & Grill will be a good place to dine at. I’ve never been here and he’s never been here before. This was our first experience and it was awesome! The food was just AMAZING. Couldn’t ask for more – seafood super fresh! PS: This is a super belated post from back in July 2013!


They served up complimentary bread and butter.


We had one dozen of oysters ; don’t remember what’s the name of the 2 different kind of oysters.


Lobster bisque soup


White wine boiled mussels


Seafood Platter


Steak with mashed potato

We ordered way too much food – more than we could handle. But somehow we managed to eat it all. Four appetizers was just crazy for two people. I’m not really a raw oyster fan – managed to have three. I preferred to have it baked in cheese and cream sauce. Definitely trying that out next time. I didn’t expect the steak to be that awesome because it is a oyster bar and not a steakhouse. The steak was one of the best I’ve had! Juicy and tender! I highly recommend this restaurant to all you foodies. A bit on the pricier side but definitely worth every penny. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE!

[Scarborough] Onion Seafood & Steakhouse


Had dinner the other day at Onion Seafood and Steakhouse with the in-laws for a special celebration. For myself – I’m not a huge fan of the buffet they have. But the sizzling late does taste pretty good. I ordered the salmon steak with spaghetti – it was yumz in my tummy!


Here’s some of the desserts and fruits they have for the buffet. Not a huge selection and the quality is just so-so. That’s the reason why I don’t enjoy the buffet much – there’s nothing special. I mean – if they had special sushi rolls there – I’ll probably be visiting once a month. lol – I’m a die hard sushi fan. *hahahah*

Special Occasions


I love themed parties/dinners – gives everyone an excuse to dress up for a fun day. The other day I was checking out DressFirst website and I fell in love with a lot of their dresses. It’s giving me an idea to host a dress up elegant type of party. Wondering if I should have a color theme to it. I’ve never hosted a party where people dress up in elegant dresses – well does my engagement or bachelorette party count? I specifically notify people to dress up in black. It wasn’t super formal – just casual dresses.


Since its still summer – I guess the theme yellow is more appropriate. There’s so much to plan when there’s a theme and dress up party. The catering, the silverware, and the entertainment. I love hosting a nice party – I’ve been hosting parties for a couple of years now and I enjoy it a lot. Just like my son’s first birthday party – I planned a couple months ahead to make sure everything was perfect. I’m very picky about details and everything has to match in my world. I like things over the top sometimes. I got the time for it – why not right? As long as I enjoy planning them and it’s affordable.


Not sure if I have enough time to plan this summer dress up party but my birthday is in a couple of months and this year – I’m going big! Twenty-five is quite a big deal. I’m in my mid-20s and I’m sort of freaking out. Not cool to be in mid-20s right? Anyways – I’ll be planning my birthday party very soon and a dress up party seems to be fun. Cocktails and steaks with dressing up sounds fun! Now I have an excuse to buy a dress from DressFirst! This will be a hard one because they have so many lovely dresses – I love the diamond ones! HELP!

[Event] Dishcrawl Scarborough – Restaurant Leak – L’s Chinese Eatery

Are you ready for Scarborough’s second Dishcrawl event? I sure am and I know something you don’t! *hehe* Well – I’ll share the little secret with you all! I know one of the restaurants that we’ll be heading to that night! Are you ready to know or you want to keep it as a secret? If you want to know – just scroll down – if you don’t – than just exit this blog post!








L’s Chinese Eatery will be one of our destinations on May 7th 2013! Come crawl with us!

If you live in the area – you would probably know that L’s Chinese Eatery is opened about three weeks and is having a 15% off promotion for the month of April!

I will be writing a better review about this restaurant after I visit! Stay tune!

[Markham] La Piazzetta Ristorante Bar & Grill at Monte Carlo Inns – Woodbine Ave & 16th Ave

Address: 8900 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 5K6
Phone:(905) 513-8100
Rating: 4.5 star / 5 star

We headed to  La Piazzetta Ristorante Bar & Grill at Monte Carlo Inn for a celebration dinner. It was my Mother-in-law’s birthday and she chose to go here. I’ve been here once and this was my second time stepping inside this restaurant. It’s a Western restaurant but operated by Chinese people. It was quite a quiet place to be on a weekday – only a couple tables were occupied. What I love about their menu is – they have set course dinners at a fix price.

We all ordered a four course meal – it came with either salad or soup, main course, dessert, and a drink. They have different price range depending on what your main course is. The picture above is a lobster bisque soup that my husband ordered.

There was this oyster deal for $9.99 for half a dozen of fresh oysters.

Baked Escargots

Grilled Chicken on Mashed Potato

Steak & Shrimp dinner

Forgot what this dessert was called.

Overall – a really satisfying dinner. We were all very full and happy. What better to have in a birthday celebration right? Of course – delicious food does the job! Next time I would like to try their steaks! Have you been here before? What’s your experience? This location is the Woodbine & 16th Avenue location – inside Monte Carlo Inn. The service was excellent – staff were attentive! A place we must come back to :) !


[Scarborough] Asian Legend at Sheppred & Brimley Ave ;; Restaurant & Food Review

Asian Legend has been around for a good 4-5 years now. I’m really surprised this restaurant lasted for this long – not because their food isn’t good but if you live in Scarborough/Markham area – restaurants don’t last that long. They change names a lot. So that was why I was surprised because it’s been a good 4-5 years!

The food in this restaurant is pretty good – more on the spicier side. Well at least that was what we had that night. 3/5 of the dishes were quite spicy. I guess for those that love spice – this is definitely a restaurant you should go!

This is the Stir Fry Eggplant – pretty good!! I love the sauce and it’s very tasty.

Forgot what this is called but it was a little blend to me. Not as tasty as the eggplants!

Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice

Not sure what this is called either. But darn – it was SPICY!

Kung Po Chicken! One of my favorite dish that night!

Fried Shanghai Noodles

Overall – dinner wasn’t so bad. A bit on the spicy side but I could handle it. About $13 per person for 6 plates of food + 3 bowl of rice for 6 people. We were pretty full too.