Asian Legend @ Metro (Shanghai Food)

Please don’t mind about the picture quality – it was taken from my Blackberry camera. This was actually my very first time having lunch at Asian Legend. They serve Shanghai food.  The food is actually not so bad here – considering that there isn’t much Shanghai food around. This restaurant is located at Steeles and Warden, Metro Plaza.

Food was not so bad – I enjoyed most of it. But the thing was – I couldn’t eat much because I was still pregnant with my munchkin and I had gestational diabetes. So I could only try bits and pieces of the food. Next time – I gotta eat more!!

Shanghai Dim Sum Restaurant in Markham :: 369 Shanghai Dim Sum Restaurant @ Kennedy Rd & Highway7 (Peach Tree Plaza)

P 217

I enjoy and love a lot of different cuisines and Shanghai dim sum is one of them. The husband and I have it once a month and we always order the same old kind of food. It’s our favorite – but I do feel like we should try different dishes as well! Maybe next time eh? This dish on the top is called “Shanghai Noodles” – it’s my husband’s favorite dish. It’s his favorite because of the noodles and the taste. I don’t mind this dish but if I get to choose – I would pick something else.

P 218

Can’t forget the “Siu Long Bao” – it’s a must have if you are in a Shanghai restaurant. This is a very famous dish. It’s like dumplings wrapped with pork inside. Not sure what other ingredients are in there but you eat this kind of dumpling with red vinegar. It taste better when you eat it fresh and warm!

P 219

This is my other favorite. It’s called “Wor Teep” – it’s a dumpling dish as well but this kind is fried and you eat it with the same red vinegar as the “Siu Long Bao”. What’s your favorite Shanghai Dish? Any fabulous restaurants to share with me?

This restaurant is called “369 Shanghai Dim Sum” – it’s own by Chinese and this restaurant is usually pack. So do make reservations before going. The staff there is quite friendly and whenever you need something – they can be there right away. That’s one of the advantage of hiring more staff right?

Golden Horse 澳門街 Restaurant Information

Phone # :: (905) 305-7713
Address :: 8380 Kennedy Road  Markham, ON, Canada
Website :: N/A
Restaurant Rating :: 9/10
Service Rating :: 9.5/10

October Restaurant Outtings

If you follow my blog – you would know I eat out a lot! A lot – maybe twice a week but four to five meals we eat out. Is that consider a lot? To some – yes but to some no. What do you think? How many times do you eat out a week? I love exploring different food and I think I’ve became an addict to food. Which is bad – because I can’t stop thinking about food!!

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What’s your October Outting Meals?

369 Shanghai Restaurant @ Kennedy & Highway 7

DSC07379 DSC07381

Waiting for our food patiently :)


Can’t forget the sauces and the peppers! For myself – eating Shanghai food without red vinegar is just not Shanghai food for me. I guess I am just too used to having this sauce with my Siu Long Bao and Wor Teep all the time. Are you the same too? Have you ever tried Shanghai food? If not – you are really missing out!! Must try!! It’s one of my favorite cuisines.


DSC07386 DSC07387

This is the “Siu Long Bao” I’m talking about – you can call it pork dumplings! It’s delicious and one of their specialty dish and a must eat dish !!! Very juicy !! Gotta have it with Red Vinegar or else it won’t taste the same !! YUMMMMMMMM!


This is the “Wor Teep” – another specialty dish – every time we go to a Shanghai food restaurant – this is what we order every time. It’s almost like “Siu Long Bao” but just a little different. This dish is a bit oily because it’s fried under oil. Have to eat this with red vinegar as well. Love it.


This is one of my fiance’s favorite dish called “Shanghai Cho Chow” – you can call it Shanghai noodles. They have pork, cabbage, udon noodles and Chinese mushrooms in it. The taste is just perfect – not too salty or sweet. I like it too but not as much as him. Are you a fan of Shanghai Cuisine??

369 Shanghai Restaurant @ Peach Tree

Had a very late dinner on Tuesday and we decided on this Shanghai restaurant quickly because by that time it was already 930PM at night. When we got here – the restaurant is nearly empty with only a few tables left! Good thing they close at 11:00PM otherwise we wouldn’t be able to order.

This Shanghai restaurant is somewhere common we will go to for shanghai food. It’s 10minutes away from where we live – so pretty convenient to get to and they serve the food pretty fast and fresh too. Love the food here.


The interior of the restaurant – pretty nice eh?


The plate setting – nothing fancy


Shanghai Noodles – His all time favorite


Siu Long Bao – I LOVE IT!


Is the the third dish that came – it’s just like fried dumpling but a lot bigger!

We hardly finished the food because there was a lot for the two of us!! Next time we’ll bring more people with us – so we can try out more food! I love Shanghai food – What about you? Are you a lover of it or a hater??

ALA Kitchen, Markham, Coupon

Ala Kitchen is located at 11 Fairbum Drive, Unit 18, Markham, Ontario L6G 0A5.

I have a coupon here that gives you one complimentary order of Steamed Pork Dumplings (the one on the picture), but you got to eat a minimum of $25.00 in order to have this free!!

I’ve been to this restaurant once and it serves shanghai food. If you are a Shanghai food lover, than great! If you never tried Shanghai food before! Do try it out because it’s delicious. My first experience in this restaurant was not bad because everything tasted awesome. But if you do decide to go! Please make your reservations because we did have to wait for awhile due to long lineups! Long lineups means the food is good because of the amount of people there! Here’s your review from me guys! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.


* this coupon is the smaller version! You need the original version of this coupon! If you need the larger version of it, please leave a comment below and I’ll be gladly send you an e-mail !!

369 Restaurant (Shanghai food)

Guess what I had? Yes, Shanghai food! I was going to takeout food to bring it home for dinner instead of eating in the restaurant because of my busy schedule. But I realize, its dinner, I should really enjoy it before I head home and start on more work! Life has been really busy with work and more work! I think my other page “Charm Of Love” has taken over to be my business website! I’m thinking of opening a new blog for my personal stuff?? Any suggestions? and an entertainment blog for all the shows/drama/movies I watch either in Chinese or English. Or just random updates about news of celebrities. Yes that will be 4 blogs all together! Can I handle it? Well if I can’t now, how am I gonna handle a kid later on in life? That’s even more tough. Life is full of challenges, agree? YES =)


“Wor Teep”  &  ” Siu Long Bao”


“Shanghai Cho Chow”

Are you a Shanghai food lover??

Location: 8380 Kennedy Rd, Markham, Ontario
Website: n/a
Phone #: 905) 305-7713
Rating: 8.5/10