Homemade Simple Lunches


I love cooking for the hubby and I but sometimes I just don’t have the chance to cook. Since my mother-in-law cooks during weekdays and weekends we usually have lunches with relatives. I really don’t have a chance to cook. Unless Sunday we are free – than we’ll sleep in and just eat at home before church. Nothing fancy but it’s simple to make. Mostly – I enjoy it.

Healthy Homemade Fruit Drinks


Healthy healthy healthy! It’s the way to go. If I don’t have a kid to take care of – I think I be so healthy conscious. I make sure he eats enough vegetables and fruits each day. I like to mix three different kinds of fruits each day for my Munchkin to drink and I try to have different varieties each day. Not a lot of work because the magic bullet is doing all the work. Here and there – I have a few sips too.


I go for fresh fruits if I can. If there’s no fruits at home – I’ll resort to the frozen ones. Fruits is a must in my sons’ daily meals – very important to raise an healthy kid right? That’s my job as a mother. Welcome to motherhood!

Diet & Healthy Food Choices


When I first started with this diet of mine – it sure wasn’t easy but I did pull it through and lost 7 pounds. It was hard but hard work does pay off right? When I started off with this diet – I stick with chicken breast and whole wheat wraps. I didn’t get bored of having it every single day – I love those wraps till the second week.


I always make it with a lot of veggies and not with cheese all the time.


If I don’t eat wraps – I eat eggs or veggies.


Whole wheat bread with peanut butter is always a good snack. I try to eat small portions and every three hours. Pretty time consuming to eat every three hours – but it works!

Homemade Breakfast

After a good two hours checking the turnkey printing website – hubby and I decided we’ll just have brunch at home. It’s easy to make and it is fast. Of course I made the brunch and my hubby washed the dishes. I enjoy cooking a lot at home – just that I don’t get much of a chance to cook.

We had an egg, four piece of bacon, a slice of toast, and half an orange. Can you say healthy much? Well only the whole wheat bread and orange is healthy. The bacon is the most unhealthy part of this brunch. Good thing is – it’s low salt. I wouldn’t make breakfast or lunch like this every day because it is unhealthy. But once a week is good. Do you break breakfast or brunch?

[Home Cook] Simple Chinese Lunch Meals

My blog is full of food pictures at restaurants, you probably think I hardly or even NEVER eat at home. Truth be told – I eat 75% of my meals at home – I just never really took any pictures of it. I thought it wouldn’t be that appealing to anyone. So here it is – these are the lunches I usually make at home for myself. I try to have my lunches at home through Monday to Friday. For dinners – I’d like to stay home Sunday to Thursdays. I don’t dine out that much do I?

My favorite noodle is the rice noodle! I can have it every day but than rice noodle has a lot of carbohydrates which I’m trying to cut down on. So I eat rice noodles less now. I always have a variety in my lunches. It has to have meat and veg!

Here’s a pasta lunch meal. I hardly make pasta because again – the carbs is no good for me! So what do I end up eating than? Well – egg noodle is the best to eat. I eat it mostly because it’s healthy and less carbs. See how annoying it is losing weight? I don’t mind eating healthy now – I just have to make it in an habit.

Valentine’s Day dinner 2013

Making dinner can be special because I don’t make it often enough at home since we live with my husband’s family. My mother-in-law takes care of dinner at home for us. We don’t have to worry about no dinner during weekdays and during weekends we dine out. Valentine’s day dinner took me about half an hour to make – had to kind of rush it because we were running late.

Not that appealing right? That’s for rushing but next Valentine’s day will be better hopefully. Made grilled chicken, baked cheese spaghetti with shrimp, and baked potato. Nothing too fancy.

We had some cakes to top off dinner. Not really a cake fan – so we bought a baby size cake instead. I was eying the cupcakes but they seem to be too sweet for my liking. I’ve been cutting down my sugar a lot these days. Gotta be health right?

Of course our munchkin joined us this year – our little special creation.

Homemade Dinners

P 207

Hub and I have been staying home a lot more for dinners these days. Usually my mother in law cooks dinner and we have dinner at home from Monday to Thursday. Than the weekend is her day off – which means we get to enjoy restaurant food too. I enjoy both worlds – I mean I don’t have to eat out all the time but I do enjoy being served and trying different cuisines.

But I can’t wait to own our own place and make my own food one day. It’ll be fun thinking about each meal for my own family. Do you enjoy eating our or just making your own food?

Simple Homemade Meals



Since the day I know I’ve diabetes – I eat at home much more often than before. It’s hard to control what I eat at a restaurant – so its better to eat at home right? Well – I usually eat lunch at home but now I gotta have most of my dinners at home as well. I don’t mind eating at home really – but hubby is a different story. He enjoys eating out more than I do.


I love all kinds of noodles – egg noodles, rice noodles, or instant noodles. It just depends on what I’m craving that day! I usually fried an egg or boil an egg and add Korean beef slices with it. I’m low on iron – so gotta have my irons!