[North York] Most Tea Espresso Gelato Dessert — Cafe Review

Two of my girlfriends and I headed to Most to pick up some desserts and a drink on a cold afternoon. A pretty interesting name to me – I must say. “Most” is the name of the little cafe on North York. We were in a hurry so we just grabbed a couple macaroons, three pieces of cake, and a drink to go.

This is actually my second time trying macaroons. Macaroons here weren’t as expensive as Butter Avenue is. But I could understand why it isn’t. These macarons weren’t made the way Butter Avenue did. I didn’t taste the “scent” in each macaroon. The green ones were suppose to be green tea, but it had no taste – just tasted very very sweet. A bit of a disappointment because I had pretty high hopes of biting on a piece of delicious macaron that day.

These two pieces of cake were for my two other girlfriends – they said these cakes didn’t taste fresh at all and didn’t much eat it after the two bites they had. What a waste right? It was such a disappointment to them because they were craving for desserts as well. Hope Most will improve in these areas.

This is what I had – don’t remember the name of this piece of cake. I was alright with it – except it was so sweet for my likings. At this point – I was very disappointed because these desserts weren’t cheap. Three piece of dessert, 6 macarons, and 1 cold drink cost about $40.00CAD.

Overall – not a very satisfying experience with Most – hopefully we’ll give them a second chance. Next time we’ll dine at their little cafe and have a tea with our dessert!

[Scarborough] Nine Up Sushi — Restaurant Review

Finally a review on Nine Up Sushi !! I’ve heard a whole lot about this restaurant because of their convey belt sushi. I also heard that the food isn’t all that great here also. I had to try it out myself to know what it’s like. When my friend and I got there – it was around 2:30pm and they don’t serve sushi on the convey belt till dinner time. I was so bummed out. So instead – we ordered from their a la carte menu.

Not quite sure if this is the lunch special menu or the regular menu. The prices range from $4.99 to $9.99. A pretty big selection for lunch – I must say. All their lunches comes with a soup, salad, and dessert.

Here’s the salad and soup.

This is what my friend ordered for her meal – as I remember it was a $8.99 meal. Not too bad about the price right? It’s a huge lunch for her and she could barely finish it.

I ordered the Teryaki Beef on Rice for $4.99. Pretty decent portion at this price. I didn’t end up finishing up all the rice – a bit too much for me to stomach. Due to trying to lose weight after a baby – carbohydrates is one of the things I want to cut down. The teryaki tasted really yummy and love how it came with veggies.

It came with this dessert – unsure what this dessert is called though. Took a few bites – tasted very blend to me. Not much taste in it.

Next time – for sure I gotta try this convey belt experience. This is probably the only convey belt sushi restaurant I ever heard of. They do have them in Hong Kong and China. I’ve tried it in China before. It’s just a fun feeling that sushi rotates in a small plate and you just pick up whatever sushi you like. A very unique way of eating sushi.

Overall – the food was alright for me and a very reasonable price. Hopefully next time I try the convey belt sushi – it’ll give me a better experience than others did!

Yorkdale Mall Food Court ;; Thai Express & KFC

It was awhile that we stepped our foot back into this shopping mall. This is a very dangerous shopping mall in Toronto! Well – more like dangerous for the wallet and bank account! I try to stay away from this mall as long as possible because with all the brand names they have – I can easily go bankrupt.

They renovated almost the entire mall including the food court. The food court is super fancy and look at what they use for their plates, bowls, utensils, and cups! A bit too fancy? I’ve never been to a food court this fancy here in Toronto! I’m not too sure about the ‘glass’ cups because when I was there that day – I heard two accidents of glass cups that dropped on the ground. What a waste right? What’s your thoughts on this?

Taiwan Food blogger getting sued?

Ever heard of this news yet? It was a pretty big issue in Taiwan – this blogger was just reviewing a restaurant with a negative comment and he gets sued for jail time and a huge amount of dollars. Are you kidding me? It worries me on my food blog now – I give honest reviews and all reviews goes to what I see and what I taste and my opinion.

In my opinion – I find this case a bit too ridiculous. This male blogger was sued for his opinion. Read more of this article here. What’s your thought to this? Share your thoughts with us food bloggers!

Hana-bi take out sushi


We’ve been really busy with wedding stuff lately and what’s better than having sushi for lunch right? Hana-bi is the only restaurant we go to now for take-out or dine in dinners. I really enjoy their fresh sashimi. If you wanna have lunch their – they open at 11:30AM and the lunch special is at $6.99. Very inexpensive right?

Fantastic Curry House @ Markham Ontario


I went to the Fantastic Curry House a few weeks ago with a friend of mine – it was his birthday – so it was my treat. It was my first time at this restaurant and my friend was telling me how awesome the food was – had to try it right? Since I’m a foodie myself – I love all kinds of food. I forgot what this dish was called – but it was sooooooooooooooooooo good! Too good – talking about this makes me crave for it. Guess what I’m having this weekend eh?


This was what I got – its basically a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese noodle) but with Tom Yum soup – isn’t it a perfect combination? I loved it and will be definitely going back to this bowl of Tom Yum Pho very very very soon. It’s a little bit spicy but the spice doesn’t bother me because it was too good to complain.


I can’t wait to go back – definitely worth a try if you are new to this restaurant! Here’s some info about this restaurant – let me know what you think. I’m getting my mouth VERY watery right now.

50 Bur Oak Ave
Unit 7
Markham, ON L6C 0A2

Project Food Blog Challenge #5: Recipe Remix


PWAHAHA – Challenge # 5 already! Are you all waiting for my vote? Patients, patients! I will be voting tonight – all 60 votes. This is gonna be fun because I enjoy visiting each of your blogs! Good luck to you all and best wishes!

The best reward is to get to meet all you talented foodies and there’s an advantage of meeting you guys! I get to learn from you guys as I cook and bake in the future! Thanks for your wonderful sharing! Are you in the challenge? Are you voting? Are you involved? Please help and support all these talented foodies by voting for them!