[Markham] Costco Food


Want a quick and cheap meal? Costco is the place to go – I love junk food! Well more like – my other half and I love junk food. I know we shouldn’t eat too much of this – once in awhile is okay. Since Munchkin is getting older – food like this we need to stay away. Joy of having a kid right? But of course for our health too. I love the chicken fingers here – super fresh and yumz! Hot dog with a drink is a buck fifty and the chicken fingers with fries is $5.99 – not too bad for a quick lunch or dinner right?

[Richmond Hill] Chi Star House @ Leslie & Highway 7


Visited a new restaurant in Richmond Hill just a couple of months ago after our dentist visit. By the time we get there – it was already afternoon tea time. Even better – they have a special menu. I ordered my usual club sandwich and hubby had the wings with fries. Both came with a drink. Lunch that day was about $12.00 for the 2 of us? Food was delicious too!

[Coupons] McDonald – 2 Can Dine $9.98

When I’m lazy and don’t feel like making dinner or even going out for a meal. McDonald would be something I would have. Hubby and I both had the Mc Chicken Combo – we used the 2 can dine coupon that we printed off on their website for $9.98. A couple buck savings is not bad eh? A McDonald combo can be quite pricey. From what I remember – Big Mac Combo is almost reaching to $8.00! Why must unhealthy food be that pricey? I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper in the States!

[Fast Food] KFC Big Crunch Combo Review

What a naughty meal we had eh? Once in awhile is good but not three times a week for me. Especially trying to lose weight after having a baby – unhealthy food is out of the question. But once a blue moon is good. KFC is one of my favorite. Since we had the monthly coupon – hubby went to order two KFC combos to take home. Both the combos came with a burger, a fries, and a drink. From what I remember – it’s about $11.00 to $12.00 with a coupon. Not sure what the regular price is for each combo. I would say about $9.00 to $10.00 for each combo?

This is by far the best KFC burger I had. It’s the BIG CRUNCH burger – the chicken was very very tender and juicy. Usually when I eat at KFC – the chicken is either super salty or the chicken is super dry. This time was just way too perfect. The Big Crush is a HUGE burger – I was having trouble finishing the whole burger. I only had half of the fries too. It was a VERY satisfying meal !!

Yorkdale Mall Food Court ;; Thai Express & KFC

It was awhile that we stepped our foot back into this shopping mall. This is a very dangerous shopping mall in Toronto! Well – more like dangerous for the wallet and bank account! I try to stay away from this mall as long as possible because with all the brand names they have – I can easily go bankrupt.

They renovated almost the entire mall including the food court. The food court is super fancy and look at what they use for their plates, bowls, utensils, and cups! A bit too fancy? I’ve never been to a food court this fancy here in Toronto! I’m not too sure about the ‘glass’ cups because when I was there that day – I heard two accidents of glass cups that dropped on the ground. What a waste right? What’s your thoughts on this?

KFC Original Recipe Burger

KFC is on the more expensive side for me. If they don’t have specials or coupons – I don’t usually get KFC. I just don’t think its worth it to spend $10+ on a lunch or dinner because overall – its just fast food. I don’t mind spending $10 at a restaurant but fast food just don’t cut it for me.

This time I had a chance to try their Original Recipe burger combo for $5.99 – it came with a small fries, medium drink and a burger. Not bad for under $7.00 with tax. The burger were so-so. I think the big crunch is a lot better though – that’s just my opinion.

McDonald Happy Meal & Toys

This is like my second Happy Meal from McDonald. Its cute and everything for kids but I definitely don’t think its worth the money. They are priced differently – depending what you order. They have choices as cheeseburger, hamburger, grill cheese sandwich, and nuggets. All Happy Meals come with a toy, small fries, small drink, and a yogurt. Yogurt is a new thing they added on just to make the Happy Meal look healthier.