Unhealthy Late Night Snacks


I know – I know – I know. Late night snacks are no good – but it is also very hard to resist when I’ve been having it for a good year too. How can I resist in these cute cupcakes right? It’s hard but for these couple of days – I’ve seen changes with my other half and I – we don’t go into the kitchen and look for food. I think it’s because we’ve been having dinner a little later than before. If that’s the case – having dinner a little later would be better eh? I really want to quit with the late night snacks!!! Any tips in helping us??

2 thoughts on “Unhealthy Late Night Snacks

  1. it’s really hard to stop those late night snacks if you’ve been so used to it. But with a little help of self-determination, i think you can do it! All the best, ladyjae! :)

  2. I eat late night snacks every night. I just make sure they are healthy! Like a bowl of cereal and fruit with a few nuts sprinkled on top.

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