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[TVB] [2012 & 2013]

[04.22nd.2013] Beauty At War – 金枝慾孽  (NEW)

[o4.o8th. 2013] Bullet Brain 神探高倫布   (NEW)

[o3.18th.2013] A Great Way to Care II – 仁心解碼II  (COMPLETED)

[o3.11th 2013] Sergeant Tabloid – 女警愛作戰(COMPLETED)

[o2.18th 2013] Reality Check – 心路GPS (COMPLETED)

[o1.11th. 2013] Season of Love – 戀愛季節 (COMPLETED)

[o1.21st.2013] The Day of Days – 初五啟市錄 (COMPLETED)

[01.14th.2013] Inbound Troubles – 老表, 你好嘢 (COMPLETED) <– NEW PASSWORD

[12.18th.2012] Friendly Fire – 法網追擊 (COMPLETED)

[12.18th.2012] MISSING YOU – 幸福摩天輪 (COMPLETED)


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[NEW HK Movie]

[HK Movie]  喜愛夜蒲2 Lan Kwai Fong 2 (NEW)

[HK Movie] A Simple Life 桃姐 (NEW)

[HK Movie] Marrying Mr. Perfect – 嫁個100分男人 (NEW)


[2012 Movies]

[2012 Movies] Laughing Gor 2 – Turning Point 潛罪犯 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] Magic to Win 開心魔法 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] All’s Well, Ends Well 2012 八星抱喜 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] The Superb Matchmakers 媒人帮 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] 2012我爱HK喜上加囍 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] Happy Family 哈比全家福 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] The Viral Factor 逆战 (NEW)

[2012 Movies] Perfect Two 新天生一对 (NEW)

[2011 Movies]

[2011 Movies] Lan Kwai Fong 喜愛夜浦 (UPLOADED)

[2011 Movies] Mural 畫壁 (UPLOADED)

[2011 Movies] The Sorcerer & The White Snake白蛇傳說(UPLOADED)

[2011 Movies] Starry, Starry Night星空(UPLOADED)

[2010 Movies]

[2009 Movies]

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