Tomasso Lasagna with Meat Sauce


I had this for lunch a couple days ago – boy was I disappointed. I’m a lasagna lover myself and I love any kinds but this frozen one wasn’t my taste.

I usually don’t make my own lasagna because it’s too much work to make it – too much step. Or am I just lazy?? I mean – buying frozen lasagna to me is the same thing. It cost the same than making it at home. So whats the fuss right? Do you make your own lasagna ???


Holy smokes – when I read how many calories is this lunch – it freaked me out. It has about 420 calories in it. That means – my dinner has to be 600 something calories or else – I will go over my calorie in take for the day!!

Do you look out for your calories?? I only do it sometimes. hehe.


This is what it looks like after 11minutes in the microwave – it looks so watery to me. Is it suppose to be like this?? Or I did something wrong??

9 thoughts on “Tomasso Lasagna with Meat Sauce

  1. i make my own lasagna. it’s not A LOT of work, but requires some time. if you have time, you should try to make your own so that you can control the ingredients that go in. my #1 rule with lasagna — LOTS OF CHEESE! =)

  2. I bought this product .. it is all pasta and FAT .. no meat. AWFUL – will never buy again and will tell everyone I know not to buy it. The picture on the cover is NOT what is inside!

  3. I’ve had tomassos lasagna before and really like it. And it’s pretty good for 420 calories. Generally lasagna slices of the same size tend to be 600-800, if not more, calories. Not sure what your nutritional intake for the day is, but 400 calories for one meal is really really good. Just having a ham sandwich with cheese can run anywhere between 300-400 calories. I personally think 420 for that lasagna is really undercutting it and that the calorie count is actually a lot higher than 420. I guess i’ll never know since it’s not like i can send the contents to a lab!

  4. Of course a homemade lasagna is better, but for a quick lunch in the work days, I agree with Alicia and really liked it. Also, compare the calories at McDo, a meal surely beat this 400 calories lasagna. Regarding your picture, I guess your microwave is not 1000 w or higher, cause it should be more cook than this, not watery as yours. Note that on may 2013, this brand is no more available. I heard on word of mouth that it could be back in business in the future but I do not know when. All in all, this frozen product was good and much better than a comparable product made by Stouffers or any other brands.

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