Delice Oncuilles Cup Noodles

There’s usually no cup noodles at home because it’s not the healthiest food on this earth, but since G-20 (Group of 20) is here in Toronto and my Fiance works – just right at downtown. Just thought it would be safe to just eat lunch in the office instead of walking down to the food court to eat. Am I being paranoid? A bit – I must admit because I wanted him to take this week off to be at home so I can see his sight. It just sounded so scary on the news, I mean – anything can happen right? But he chose to go to work – well he said his manager wouldn’t let him take the week off because everyone requested the week off and it just wouldn’t work out that way. So – I’m like, FINE! So here you have it – the reason why we have cup noodles at home now – so he can take it to work. He never brings a lunch because it’s just so convenient for him to buy lunch. I prefer him to bring a lunch any day to save money but I cannot force him right?


The noodle brand his mother bought. I love this brand of cup noodles. I remember I had it a long time ago on the plane. I even had one myself today for lunch! How hard is it just to boil some water and pour it into the cup right? SIMPLE lunch. Yes, because I’m lazy like that :P


Cup Noodles isn’t good for your health because of the MSG they have in it. So – don’t eat it every day, twice a week is fine! But really, NOT every day, it’ll kill you.

8 thoughts on “Delice Oncuilles Cup Noodles

  1. My husband used to eat these all the time…now we try to steer away because of the high sodium…but every once in awhile, we get a craving!

  2. I keep these on hand, but don’t eat them too often. My Grandsons love them though. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway

  3. that particular brand is really yummy. i don’t keep stocks of it at home though because i have 3 teens and it’s not really good for their health. once in awhile, we buy them as snacks. thanks for visiting my blog, jen. =)

  4. oh my I used to buy these by the dozen when I was in college, quick and cheap lunch..ha ha I have not had one in forever….my hubby never takes his lunch either but here there is a quick taco stand on every corner..


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