Ajisen Ramen

This is another backdated post again! I am such a slow poke in updating my blogs eh? Now it’s the time to catch up! This is from my China trip 2 months ago and we had lunch at this Japanese Ramen place. They have it here in Toronto too, but I believe they only have 3 franchises while China has gazillions. Okay – I exaggerated, but wherever I go, there must be one of these restaurants around. I’m not even kidding, these restaurants are probably competing with McDonald in China or something… But I gotta admit, the ramens are DELICIOUSLY good! Have you tried them?


The menu cover. Isn’t it cute??


The interior of the restaurant. sorry, I know the quality of the picture is not-so-good because I took it with my Blackberry Pearl cellphone!!


The sushi rice was WAYY to soft. Cannot be compare to the places I eat in Toronto. Plus the Salmon wasn’t all that fresh.

DELICIOUS! I picked the tomato soup ramen with pork and veggies! loved it!


Last, we ordered this strawberry ice cream for dessert. The strawberries were frozen and superly sour. Couldn’t really eat it at all. But I got to admit that the presentation was pretty good!!

3 thoughts on “Ajisen Ramen

  1. Well-written and interesting review. At least you salvaged something from the meal with the ramen. Be careful with not too fresh salmon…no good!


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